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Welcome to Town of Brigus Founded


Come and spend a day with us
in the Historic seaside town of Brigus.


Mayor Byron Rodway

While the structure dates back to the early 19th Century, it is its 20th Century occupants that have brought it fame. It has long been a retreat for artists and writers. Its most notorious occupant was Rockwell Kent, an acclaimed American artist who stayed at the cottage in 1914-1915.


Landfall figured prominently in Kent’s autobiography It’s Me O Lord(1955). Michael Winter’s award winning novel, The Big Why (2004), featured Rockwell Kent and much of his activity while at Landfall.

Since its construction by the Pomeroy family some two hundred years ago, Kent Cottage has been hauntingly visible at the edge of Brigus. It is now the last remaining structure in the area known as “Freshwater,” where ships used to take on fresh.



LANDFALL comprises Kent Cottage and its eleven acres of surrounding rugged countryside, located on the north side of Brigus Bay, Newfoundland, Canada. Kent Cottage is a treasure in the province’s inventory of cultural and heritage assets.